COLD STARTERS (platter 10 persons)

Tabboule – Salad with finely chopped parsley, tomato, burghul, onion, mint
Fatouche – Salad with tomato, cucumber and Arabic bread croutons
Hommos Tahine- Chickpea Dip
Babaghanouj – Eggplant Salad
Warak Inab Bzeit – Stuffed Vine leaves
Loubieh Bzeit – String Beans with Olive Oil
Mehshi Selk – Stuffed Swiss-Chard Leaves in oil
Hendbeh Mkaleyeh - Dandelion Leaves in Oil

HOT STARTERS (12 pieces)

Kebbeh Fried - Meat Balls with cracked wheat and pine nuts
Samboyssek Meat – Meat Pies
Samboyssek Cheese – Cheese Pies
Cheese Rolls Rakkak – Cheese Cigars
Spinach Pie – Spinach Pies
Lahm Ajin – Meat Pastries
Pastourma Rolls – Pastourma Cigars

MAIN COURSES (platter 10 persons)

Mloukieh – Egyptian Spinach Soup with Rice, Lamb and Chicken
Kebbeh Bisaniyeh – Baked Minced Meat with Cracked Wheat and Pine Nuts
Mehschi Koussa & Warak Inab – Stuffed Zucchini and Vine Leaves
Chicken Oriental Style – Served with Rice
Lamb Oriental Style- Served with Rice
Shish Barrak with Rice – Meat Pastries served with Rice
Kebeh Labanieh with Rice – Minced Meat Balls in Yoghurt Sauce, served with Rice
Daoud Bascha with Rice – Meatballs with Potatoes in the oven with Rice
Samkeh Harrah Vegetables or Tajin – Spicy Fish with Vegetables
Roast Beef - with Vegetables and Mashed Potatoes

FOR THE GRILL (min. Portion 1 kg)

Kebbab Lamb – Κεμπάμπ με αρνί
Kebbab Beef Filet – Κεμπάμπ με φιλέτο μοσχαρίσιο
Shish Taouk – Σουβλάκι με μαριναρισμένο κοτόπουλο
Kafta – Κεμπάπ μπιφτέκι
Arayess – Αραβική πίτα με κιμά
Mix Grill – Per person άνα άτομο – Ποικιλία Ψητών

SWEETS ( per kilo)

Assorted Baklawa Platter – Δίσκος με ανάμεικτα Λιβανέζικα Μπακλαβαδάκια
Mixed Maamoul – Κουραμπιεδάκια Λιβανέζικα